Thank you for downloading our Apps.

“Thank you for downloading our Apps”

About WildRush

Tiggy is fed up of the zookeepers and is running away from the zoo. The zookeepers are trying to catch him. Tiggy keeps running away from the zoo and finds himself in the city. He is scared and nervous about the traffic and people in the city. He is running around without knowing where he is heading causing panic and fear among the citizens. Tiggy is trying to find his way to the forest so that he can live peacefully. Since Tiggy is a kid, the zookeepers are worried about the implications of the kid going to the wild.

Tiggy is the starting character for the game. You can;
• Purchase animals from the store
• Dress up your character
• Amazing 3D graphics
• Collect coins
• Addictive, endless game play
• Set high scores
• Compete with friends

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