Thank you for downloading our Apps.

“Thank you for downloading our Apps”

About NeboTracks

Sky was sent to space to work on fixing a satellite.There he sees a mysterious road created by light particles and the aliens are having drag races. Sky gets interested and moves in for a closer look. He finds one of the vehicles unoccupied and moves towards it. When he goes near enough the vehicle pulls him in. The vehicle adjusts to his shape and the engine starts. Sky gets very excited and starts driving the vehicle. The aliens realize that one of their vehicles is being stolen; they start firing on the road so that the vehicle doesn't get damaged. The road blasts whenever the aliens are shooting.This creates a huge challenge for Sky as he has to make sure the vehicle doesn't end up hanging in space.
• Choose color for the light tracks
• Fly different spaceships
• Enjoy the space ride
• Purchase attachments
• Collect coins
• Compete with friends

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